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The Destination for Traders who Seek to Trade Global.

Our Core Values


Our employees are our most important asset. We attract, develop and hire the best talent for our business. We challenge them and provide them opportunities for professional growth, development and advancement. We believe in a work life balance that puts family first, resulting in positive, motivated employees whose attitude drives our business and our success.


We believe integrity is the foundation of our individual and company actions that result in a business, we can be proud of. We are honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions with each other and the buyers we serve. We always strive to do the right thing by saying what we mean, honouring our commitments, matching our behaviour to our words, and taking responsibility for our actions.


Quality products and quality customer service and support is our top priority and is represented in all that we do. We recruit and develop quality staff, we plan diligently, we procure and utilize top quality materials and products, we employee quality oriented processes and procedures throughout the performance of our work and we strive for continuous improvement in all that we do. Our commitment to quality results in the providing of superior services, customer satisfaction and long term success as a business.


We value trust. Trust is something earned over time and is something continually maintained. We seek to build trust between our employees and buyers. We promote open communications; set examples through our fair, honest and consistent actions; and take responsibilities for our actions, success and failures. Without trust and commitment, there would be no ADONAI.


We treat one another with respect and communicate openly. We work to build strong collaborating working relations with our co-workers and the customers we support. We openly communicate up, down and across the organisation. We value diversity of our workforce, the unique contributions we each can make, and the inclusions of different perspectives.


Client service is a top priority. We believe that service excellence will drive results that will differentiate us from our competitors. We respect our buyers and recognize they have come to us by choice. We consider long term and short term needs of our buyers while ensuring all of our commitments are met. We share a personal responsibility to maintain our customer’s loyalty and trust, by taking responsibility for improving the service, and through the support we provide to our customers. We work hard, celebrate our success and learn from our failures.


We provide Integrated Services Related to Export & Import.


At Adonai, we have fully equipped ultra modern machinery and technology, every product passes after tough scrutiny in terms of hygiene, control, raw material intake etc. each and every grain passes through the supervision of our trained professionals, which ensures quality of products and satisfaction of valuable customers.


We Aim and Promise Excellent and Regular Service.

A Quality Driven Approach:

As Individuals & team, they Behave with Great Responsibility, they Value People, Trust & Respect Individuality. It Is their Responsibility To Actively, And Constantly, Creates An Environment That Support customer And Causes Them To Grow And Flourish.



Import and Export

Adonai primarily focuses on the transparency with its customers. With the help of our customer friendly way of working, over the years we have built relations that have evolved on the dictates of Heart rather than Mind. We strongly believe that the client is the only asset to our operations, without which our existence would not be valued. With this perception, we have successfully built a large client base and we look forward to expand it.

As mentioned our primary export of Basmati and Non-basmati rice and for that the company has a modern warehousing facility for storing the material. Besides our rice export we also export spices as we all know India is the largest producer of spices and account for half of ISO's global trading in spices. By exporting the best quality products we keep our customers happy and satisfied.

The company is also into trading of WHITE REFINED SUGAR Icumsa 45/100/200/500/1200 and supplying it to various destinations around the world on CIF basis at quite decent and reasonable prices.

Our Mission is to Create Our Presence in Every Part of the World with our Fully Integrated Business Model, Customer Centric Products, Reliable Commitments, Unmatched Quality, Timely Services and Ethical Business Practices.
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